Item Cost Notes
Hem $18
Take In Waist $25
Taper $33
Original Hem $25
Jeans Waist $30
Skirt Hem $28-$35 With or without lining
Skirt Waist $38 Take in sides and waist
Jacket Sleeves $45 Shorten or extend sleeves
Jacket Take Up $45
Jacket Take In $45 Take in sides
Dress Take In $28-$65 Take in sides
Dress Straps $28-$33 Shorten straps
Dress Hem $33-$60 Shorten hem
Shirt Sleeve (normal) $20 Shorten sleeves
Shirt Sleeves (original) $35 Shorten sleeves
Shirt Hem $22 Shorten hem
Shirt Take In $33 Take in sides
Make Darts $22
Bra Keepers $22
Change Elastic $28 Elastic included
Add Extra Buttons $21
Replace Jeans Buttons $15
Trousers Zip Replacement $25 Zip included
Dress Zip Replacement $40 Zip included
Jacket Zip Replacement $50 Zip included